Sheer Pantyhose Fetish

The Sheer Pantyhose Fetish is dying.  Sadly.  Stockings, Nylons and Pantyhose have not been in fashion since I was a kid.  But I love, love, love watching women tease me with they’re feet, while they are encased in a nice pair of sheer pantyhose.  I got this from my daycare teacher, back when I was a kid, no lie.  She introduced me to the world of foot fetishism when I was in the second grade.  I’ve always had a foot fetish growing up and over time, it is slowly consuming me.  Her Beautiful Feet is a testament of the sheer volumes of women that my fetish chews through every year.  To say I’m obsessed is an understatement.  It’s all I think about…

Series Three / 4k / 30 to 60 fps (2017 - Present)

Pantyhose Worship

Pantyhose Worship is another favorite past time of mine.  I love it when her feet smell like ammonia, because her feet have been in cheap heels and encased in sheer pantyhose all day.  Oh how I fucking love the modern working class woman.  Of the sweat of these women, I make my mark and try to cure the massive appetite of my foot fetish.  All of this, for you.  I will be incorporating sheer pantyhose worship on this site as well in 2018.  Sometimes, I will shoot the same models a couple of times, especially if they have just “rockstar” beautiful feet!

Series Two / 1080p (2015 - 2016)

Pantyhose Series

We name our bulk updates through pantyhose series.  Series One was where this all started.  The models here, were some of the first that I worked with, to get my network off the ground in 2015.  This is all shot in 1080p from a Canon T4i.  To navigate this tour, please simply click on the model you’d like to see and get a brief breakdown of the array of content in the models folder.  Please use the tabs, “barefoot” “Foot worship” “sheer pantyhose” and so on.  Sometimes I work with the same models, multiple times.  To keep things orderly, I re-list them according to the series that they are featured in.  All new content from the model, you will be able to peruse through.  But her sets will be listed according to Series.

Series One / 1080p (2013 - 2014)

foot fetish babes
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