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Welcome to Her Beautiful Feet.  A website that combines Amateur Foot Models with Beautiful Feet, posing them, to being nice enough to let me worship them after being in flats all day or modeling a pair of perfect feet in sheer pantyhose.  My name is Chaz Fontana and this is my flagship foot fetish site.  I am a lifestyle foot fetishist and have had this fetish, since I was a kid.  This website is more of a glimpse into my foot fetish adventures more than anything else.  Please come with me and let me show you beautiful women’s feet though my eyes.

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July 25, 2020 – Hey everyone, as you can see, I have updated this website to version 5. It’s been a long time coming. I’ve update the core, so you should be surfing us, just over twice as fast as you were before. I have a new color scheme, updated GUI with a much needed refresh. As an Exclusive Member, all movies will be downloadable by the fall at 540p. You still get 1440p or 4k streaming as well.  have also raised the price of admission to reflect these changes. It will take a couple of months for this, as I am also remastering and color grading all of my old movies up to 4k. And there are literally hundreds of movies I need to go through. So there you have it. Some tour pages might have the old color scheme still, that will be taken care of within the week! ~ Chaz Fontana

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Version 5

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