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Chaz FontanaChaz Fontana is a familiar name in the online foot fetish community.  In his own words…  “I’m not sure how many of you name your fetishes.  I do, did and still do.  He’s an 800 pound monster with a never ending appetite.  In the summer it’s the worst.  The heat triggers him.  I just sit here and burn, masturbating multiple times a day.  I know it doesn’t make sense to me, sometimes, that women’s sweaty feet, at the end of the day, would have such a profound effect on my day to day life.  When I’m out shopping, I’m looking at women’s feet, or joking about them or talking about them or thinking about them.  I can tell you how a women’s feet smell like, just by looking at her at this point.  I have a fairly broad pheromonal range.  The biggest factor is how perfect her feet look, the second factor is how pretty she is.  If both factors are on point, I will do some crazy intense shit.  Like suck on her callouses, eat her skin, things like that.  It’s just really intense.

This website is my third incarnation of growth in the fetish community.  My first site was five little piggy back in 2000.  My second was beautiful feet online, and her beautiful feet, being the third concept.  With my satellite sites, beautiful foot models, foot worship amateurs, gothic foot models and tattoo foot models, all dot coms, respectively.  All of that content has come together into this website of all my work since 2009. The most delicious things i like to shoot are tops, soles, I love longer toenails, I just think it’s more elegant.  I love vein structure as well as pretty models attached to the feet.  My girls are a step above. I’m offering the whole kit and kaboodle for 12.95 a month to start off with.  All of the content I have is HD.  Both 1080p for my earlier stuff to 29.97 fps 4k video as we speak.  We’ll be moving into 4k 60fps in the summer of 2019.”  

Why do I only charge 12.95 per month?  Imho, it’s a fair price for hosting my movies in a streaming format.  Everything is changing to streaming and so I won’t have all of my content pirated on a freaking tube and having to close the site, I opted to stream my movies.  None of this is free.  Flying the models out isn’t free, they certainly aren’t posing for me and letting me make out with they’re feet for free and gear nor hosting is free.  If you really have a hard on to have downloadable content, I offer reduced resolution clips for a fair price.  I offer barefoot, foot worship, deep female foot and woman worship as well as pantyhose shoots.  All of the girls have HD image sets with movies, which are downloadable, as well as offering special downloadable content as presents for my members during the holidays.  I do have an “iPhone” library in the members area and my 8+ does shoot at 60fps in 4k.  I am also updating this puppy twice a week, currently.    So kick around, my tour rocks, you’ll dig it and see you inside!  

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