Beautiful Feet

Beautiful Feet, the journey of the feminine mystique begins here.  I think that women with the gift of an extraordinary set of beautiful feet, becomes almost God like to me.  A woman that I want to get to know, a woman that I can always fall to the feet of and worship at will.  That is my perfect scenario for living my life.  To have 10-15 women around me, all with the gift of beautiful feet.  I replicate this in some ways with this website.

Series Three / 4k / 30 to 60 fps (2017 - Present)

What Makes Women’s Feet Beautiful?

I love longer toenails, I just think that they are more elegant.  If a model does not have longer toenails, in many cases, I will have her grow them out without trimming them, so they are nice and long and elegant before a shoot with me.  I love wide toenail beds.  A mark of royalty here.  Deep toenail beds are also very sought after here.  A woman with deliciously deep toenail beds is a term of endearment to me.  The measurement of the tips of her toenails to where her toenail bed begins, is how I measure the depth.  I also love imperfection of the sole.  …a callous here, a scar there.  This helps to define the uniqueness of the woman with these features.  I strive for my models to have these qualities.

Series Two / 1080p (2015 - 2016)

Journey of Foot Fetishism

Lastly in my journey of foot fetishism, the art of being pretty.  So many foot fetishists are this way, that I have talked to.  Imho, beauty is a very important aspect of foot fetishism in the fact that the better her genes, the close to the Goddess that you get.  Because the Goddess is the perfect representation of femininity.  The “Goddess” to me is the feminine energy that lives within every woman out there.  I’ve made a religion out of this.  Capturing beautiful feet is adoration.  Worshipping the feet of women is communion.  Sheer Pantyhose is for the daycare teacher that changed my life.

Series One / 1080p (2013 - 2014)

foot fetish babes
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