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Here, you can see my Foot Fetish Updates that I make, twice a week, in my Exclusive Members Area.  These updates are updated every Wednesday and Saturday, so you can see all of the really exciting things that we are doing in our Huge Membership Library!  We refresh the update log on the first of every month!

August 2018

Wednesday, August 29 – Uploading the Full Tehray Pantyhose movie this evening, almost 20 minutes of her beautiful pantyhosed feet in a variety of poses.  This weekend, we get started on her 4k Pantyhose image library!

Saturday, August 25 – Uploading Tehray’s second look image page, this evening for her 2018 set, as well as uploading a new iphone movie of the set!  Next week, we start on her Sheer Pantyhose content!

Wednesday, August 22 – God, what a day.  I have a big movie coming up though.  We end Tehray’s Barefoot content with this one, and move on to her Pantyhose content next week, with her image update this weekend!

Saturday, August 18 – Omg, I’m fighting a bitch of a cold, but my plan is to take another nap, watch the game and get this image library going.  So tonight will be a late update.

Wednesday, August 15 – Hey everyone, the iphone footage looks actually, freaking amazing!  I’ll have that up in a couple of hours.  This weekend, 2 new image sets and new model pages!

Saturday, August 11 – Hey fellow footies.  I’m uploading 3 new movies today.  First one, I’m doing a black and white of Tehray’s feet off of the movie I last put up.  The second will be new “Wednesday Addams” footage on the Panasonic and the other on the iphone 8+ .  The first iphone 8+ footage ever will be on here tonight, so pretty excited about that.  That being said, the Panasonic is 29.97 fps and the iphone 8+ is 60 fps, all 4k.  Now for some reason, some of the mobile movies are upside down and so I need to flip them and do a good amount of color correction on it, so that’s gonna suck, lol.  So yah, I’ll just be playing fallout and doing movies all night, haha.  Tehray also makes a fucking ridiculous Wednesday Addams, btw, Holy crap! EDIT – 7 hours later and it’s going to be Wed before the iphone movie is up.  I updated this page 6 hours ago :/.

Wednesday, August 8 – Hola.  Tonight, Image updates, with Tehray in the “Foot Worship” library!  This weekend, we finish catching up on images then on to more movies!  EDIT– Fuck it, I’m gonna throw both of them up.  We got so much damn video to go through, turning the volume up a little bit.

Saturday, August 4 – Hey all, keeping with the movie motif, finishing off Tehray’s worship series, worship and solo movie wise.  Next week will be putting up her two pages!

Wednesday, August 1 – Hey everyone, uploading Tehray Worship, Look Two as we speak!  As you can see up above, moving on to Holly revisited, next month.  All new models after that, and January 1, hopefully, I’ll have my GH-5 and prime lens, and kick the volume way up, moving into 4k 60fps territory.  And because I pull the images from the video itself, this upgrade has just been a long time coming!

July 2018

Saturday, July 28 – The corresponding image set and page for Tehray’s first foot worship movie are going up later this afternoon.  Hope everyone is having a great Sat.

Wednesday, July 25 – New Tehray going up this evening.  I had a couple of color issues, but all worked out, so encoding her movie right now.  This weekend, we get into her 4k images.  She is a long update, but one of my most requested models.  So we’ll be moving on from her, sometime in September!

Saturday, July 21 – Finishing off Hope’s library this late evening with her 4k images of her last pantyhose set.  Wednesday, updated Tehray begins!!

Wednesday, July 18 – Hey everyone, I’m uploading Lauren’s final 4k movie as we speak.  This weekend, we finish off her set with her 4k image and model page then on to Tehray!

Saturday, July 14 – You are going to love the new tube!  Bigger previews, the framework runs 30 percent faster and now, full screen!  Also uploading and finishing out Hope’s pantyhose movie and corresponding 4k image set, this weekend.

Wednesday, July 11 – Fixed!

Sunday, July 8 – …So yeah, I can’t edit my tube until this stupid issue is resolved.  So it will be a big update on Wed!

Saturday, July 7 – Hey everyone, finishing out Lauren’s Barefoot footage this evening and putting up an image gallery tomorrow!  My tube theme is also fucked right now, I am hoping to have this resolved by Monday night.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

June 2018

Wednesday, June 20 – Hey all, got about an hour of Kellie 4k movies going up tonight.  And that’s not even counting her Pantyhose or “Deeper into Worship” sets.  God help me, lol.  Getting my new computer on Friday…  Thank Gawd, it’s been too long.  So depending on set up time, will depend on any updates this weekend, since I’m technically on vacation.  Enjoy this monster update!  It will be up later this evening!

Saturday, June 16 – Still sick as a dog, moving Kelly’s Movie uploads to Wed.

Wednesday, June 13 – I’ve been sick as a dog since Monday, so just now getting to Cj’s image sets.  I will get as much done as I can today, and finish the rest tomorrow.  I’ll have a good amount of Kristen’s movies up this weekend and I’m taking next week off, because I am burnt out.  I’ll never do a consolidation/remaster like this again, by myself, haha.  I’ve learned my lesson, there is just too much content here for one guy to go through, at the end of the day.

Saturday, June 9 – OMG it’s fucking HOT outside.  Sweat, it’s all I think about right now.  So many delicious women about.  Feet everywhere!  And we keep awn chuggin’.  A crapload of new video late tonight and done by morning.  Literally 4 – 5 movies, maybe an hour of new footage.  I’ll have images up in the next couple of days.  Cj is one of my biggest updates in awhile.  I shot a crapload of footage.  So enjoy!  See you all in a couple of days.

Wednesday, June 6 – Multiple Cj movies are uploading right now.  There will be image sets also coming and whatever I don’t finish tonight, i’ll have done by tomorrow.  This weekend, we finish Cj’s library and move on to our current model,  Kellie!  I’m going to throw up the first part of her set, then updates will start as normal.  I’ll be taking a week off as well.  I’ve been doing triple updates for 6 months, lol.

Friday, June 1 – We will be caught up this month.  Actually next weekend, God willing.  Updates will still be twice a week, but I will not be releasing near as much content every week.  There will still be alot of content per update, full length movies and hundreds of new 4k images per week, but I know I have spoiled some of you this past couple of months.  So that’s my disclaimer, lol.

May 2018

Wednesday, May 30 – Two more movies of Evie right now and another on the way around 3 a.m. to finish off her 4k Barefoot and Pantyhose movies.  Tomorrow, her 4k image sets go up and we will be starting on Cj this weekend!

Saturday, May 26 – Sorry about the late update, but Memorial Day and everything.  Ok, Evie Max movies are going up in like 4 hours.  Two of them.  I’ll be finishing her up on Wednesday and moving on to Cj the Model!  WOOT!

Wednesday, May 23 – Oh don’t mind me, just putting the whole Brianna Blu library up today as well with 3/4 of an hour of brand spanking new 4k video and  oh, around 400 4k images to boot.  Whew!  Hopefully we’ll do the same with Evie Max this Saturday!

Saturday, May 19 – Finishing Allison’s library today, with her pantyhose movie and corresponding images.  Also transferring Amber’s old iphone footage to the iphone library, so check that out as well.  You all are so spoiled!  I am uploading a shitload of content trying to catch up, so I can get this site caught up!  Enjoy the HUGE updates!  Getting started on this now and will probably finish this off this evening when I wake up.  Next week, it’s all about Adult Actress Brianna Blu!  3 more girls to go, until we are completely caught up!  Yay!  It’s been a long road, when I started this site, way back in December.  When I’m done, I’m taking a week off, just sayin’.

Wednesday, May 16 – Welcome the week of Allison!  I will have 3, hopefully 4 of her movies up late this evening.  And I’ll have all of those images up tomorrow, God Willing.  So Saturdays update will be her Remastered Pantyhose library, then off to Brianna Blu, starting next week.

Saturday, May 12 – Tehray’s Pantyhose movies are up!  Tomorrow, probably, I will be doing corresponding image sets.  Next week, Allison!

Wednesday, May 9 – 3 new 4k movies uploading tonight.  Looks like we’ll be starting on Allison next week, since I forgot about the two different foot fetish shoots.  Making Tehray, very well documented with us.

Saturday, May 5 – Generating all of Tehray’s galleries sans her pantyhose, this early morning.  Those will be up, as well as starting on Allison next week.  Any extra time this weekend will be getting the front end caught up on shoots.  That being said, my price of admission is going up to 15 bucks a month, since 4k content is coming online.  So if you dig this concept and want to save 2.5 bucks, better renew before Monday.

Wednesday, May 2 – Uploading 3 – 4 4k movies of Tehray this evening, everything but the pantyhose sets that she has.  At this point, I’m only uploading about 1.2 girls a week, building libraries, etc, and that’s with me doing this 8 – 10 hours a day.  (each video render is 4-6 hours long :/  So that being said, I will be a little late getting to the current content.  But I will continue to power through this!

April 2018

Thursday, April 28 – And with today, Autumn’s library will be complete with her pantyhose libraries being finished today.  Whew!  On Wed, Tehray and her beautiful feet will be landing here with us!

Thursday, April 26 – Ok starting Autumn’s last movie, her in sheer pantyhose.  Pray for me…  Actually pray that my old mac doesn’t blow up, rendering this 4k footage 😛  Worst case scenario, the movie is online before I go to bed.  Best case, the whole library is up before I go to bed.

Wednesday, April 25 – Last night I uploaded about 400 4k images relating to Autumn’s set.  This evening, i’ll be uploading another one.  Tomorrow, hopefully, i’ll have her pantyhose library up, so we can start moving on to Tehray.  Until I’m caught up, there will just be a shitload of new 4k feet going up throughout the week.  I figure that I’m about 3 weeks away from being caught up.

Sunday, April 22 – Well instead of images, I just uploaded another 4k movie of Autumn’s Beautiful Feet!  Enjoy until Wednesday.

Saturday, April 21 – I’ve uploaded two new 4k movies of some hot Autumn, foot worship.  Her corresponding images will be up tomorrow night.

Wednesday, April 18 – Trying to encode 4k movies on a 2.9 ghz imac thats 6 years old, fucking sucks…  I’m definitely getting a new one this summer.  That said, I have Vi Fraxinous done, she was my first 4k model and I’m going to start Autumn tonight and have both of the libraries of these girls up by Saturday night.  That’s the plan.  It will take another 3 weeks to get this site where the updates of the other sites were.  At 2 new libraries < (models movies, corresponding image sets and zips)  a week until I’m caught up to Kelly!  I also have 6 other foot models already shot and will start those updates when I’m caught up!  Also update schedule from here on out will be every Wed and Sat, FYI.

Saturday, April 14 – On to 4k!  Thank God, I’ve been working on the archive movies since December!  8 more beautiful foot babes to go until we’re current and we start this tomorrow!

Building the Website

Saturday, March 31, 2018 – Alice’s page will be uploading this evening!  4 more models next week!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018 – Just got approved on my merchant accounts!  We are live!  3-4 models a week until we are caught up!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017 – Test – Here we go!


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