Deeper into Worship

Communion with the Goddess in physical form.  We are, to my knowledge, one of the only sites out there that has caters to this “deep basement” niche to foot fetishism.  I only do these scenes with women that I think are Godlike.  The epitome of a woman, walking this earth, and it’s beautiful.  No previews here, this content is rare primo flicks all the way.  And the fact that I’m shooting this in 4k…  You see everything, individual ridges, shed skin, callous eating is beautiful in 4k.  Enjoy the 4k screen captures below.  Just the tiniest sliver of a taste of the content I have inside!  and all of it, for less than a Netflix subscription!

Series Three / 4k / 30fps (2017 - Present)

callous eating
Kellie"The Epitome of Woman"
toenail eating
Cj the Model"Mommy/Son Toenail Eating"
callous eating
Kellie"Mommy's going to make you Big and Strong"
toenail eating
Cj the ModelFeeding me her "Treats"
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